How to Turn a Bike Ride Into a Workout – US 247 News

[ad_1] This is true whether you’re new to cycling, or just getting back in shape after a long winter. “I always start with shorter, easier rides,” said Steve Johnson, a travel writer in Minneapolis who returns to his bike every spring after months of winter sports. But he added: “I try not to miss more … Read more

‘Eldest Daughter Syndrome’ and Sibling Birth Order: Does it Matter? – US 247 News

[ad_1] In a TikTok video that has been watched more than 6 million times, Kati Morton, a licensed marriage and family therapist in Santa Monica, Calif., lists signs that she says can be indicative of “eldest daughter syndrome.” Among them: an intense feeling of familial responsibility, people-pleasing tendencies and resentment toward your siblings and parents. … Read more