S.E.C. Is Investigating OpenAI Over Its Board’s Actions – US 247 News

The Securities and Exchange Commission began an inquiry into OpenAI soon after the company’s board of directors unexpectedly removed Sam Altman, its chief executive, at the end of last year, three people familiar with the inquiry said. The regulator has sent official requests to OpenAI, the developer of the ChatGPT online chatbot, seeking information about … Read more

Digital Media Outlets Sue OpenAI for Copyright Infringement – US 247 News

The media outlets Raw Story, Alternet and The Intercept sued OpenAI for copyright infringement on Wednesday, adding to a growing chorus pushing back against the company’s methods of scraping content off the internet to train its artificial intelligence-powered chatbot. The online publications sued OpenAI in a New York federal court in two separate cases, saying … Read more

How the Media Industry Keeps Losing the Future – US 247 News

If the career of Roger Fidler has any meaning, it is this: Sometimes, you can see the future coming but get trampled by it anyway. Thirty years ago, Mr. Fidler was a media executive pushing a reassuring vision of the future of newspapers. The digital revolution would liberate news from printing presses, giving people portable … Read more

Biden Issues Executive Order to Restrict Personal Data Sales to China and Russia – US 247 News

President Biden will issue an executive order Wednesday seeking to restrict the sale of sensitive American data to China, Russia and four more countries, a first-of-its-kind attempt to keep personally identifying information from being obtained for blackmail, scams or other harm. The president will ask the Justice Department to write rules restricting the sale of … Read more