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Is there anything more luxurious than a hot breakfast, leisurely prepared while in pajamas on a chilly weekend with coffee in hand? (Possibly, but for the sake of this particular New York Times Cooking newsletter, no.) And is there anything more comforting than a treasured family dish that transports you home with the first spoonful? (To this we can confidently say: nope.) Yewande Komolafe’s jammy tomato breakfast eggs are a one-two punch of breakfast richness and nostalgia. Her mother would prepare the dish when visiting from Nigeria; “The scent of her dried herb seasoning blend, mixed and packed right before her trip, would hang in the air as she cooked,” Yewande writes. Runny-yolked eggs tucked into a thick blanket of red peppers, tomatoes and chile, showered with spices — a luscious, lovely breakfast.

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Let’s keep on this thread, shall we? David Tanis’s new recipe infuses halibut (or any firm white fish of your choosing) with cumin, lemon and bay for the centerpiece of his light yet showstopping dinner menu. On the other end of the spectrum is Melissa Clark’s classic beef Bourguignon, a big bear hug of meat and vegetables slowly simmered in red wine. Serve either with trusty, crusty bread.

A simply roasted potato is comforting, if not luxurious. A Hasselback potato, however, sliced and fanned out to maximize crispy edges and tender interiors? That’s a plush potato.

A bit of D.I.Y. definitely feels exciting, in that A) you have the time to do something yourself, and B) you get to share and enjoy the results of your work (not to mention the bragging rights). We have two reader-favorite tomato sauce recipes to share: a quick fresh tomato sauce and a classic marinara that turns a 28-ounce can of San Marzanos into a rich red sauce. And if you start a batch of Lidey Heuck’s simple limoncello now — the lemon peels want at least a week to flavor and color the vodka — you’ll have a beautiful golden nightcap for toasting with friends and family during the holidays.