When Is the Next Solar Eclipse? – US 247 News


Maybe you experienced Saturday’s annular eclipse and just can’t get enough. Maybe the weather or some other cause has left you with astronomical FOMO. The good news is that another eclipse is coming soon — a total solar eclipse, without a ring of fire.

While today’s eclipse covered almost the entire Western Hemisphere, the total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, will cross three countries: Mexico, the United States and Canada. Some are calling it the Great North American Eclipse.

The annular eclipse and the “Great American Eclipse” of August 2017 both moved through the United States from northwest to southeast. April’s event is going to go the other way. Making landfall in Mazatlán, Mexico, it will enter Texas and proceed through about a dozen other states before reaching Canada’s eastern provinces. And New Yorkers, this one is for you, though you’ll have to travel to cities like Buffalo, Syracuse and Rochester to experience total darkness in the daytime.

Some places in the path will have repeat experiences from other events. The April eclipse will pass through Carbondale, Ill., which was near the center of the path of the 2017 eclipse. And San Antonio and neighboring regions of Texas used today’s annular eclipse as a practice run for the crowds they expect next year for the total eclipse.