Car plows into group of people in front of restaurant in Los Angeles County – US 247 News


Will Conybeare and Erin Myers

37 mins ago

Video captured the terrifying moment when an SUV drove into a group of people outside a popular restaurant in Santa Clarita.

The crash occurred in front of the Black and Blue Restaurant in the Valencia Town Center around 1:45 am Sunday morning.

In addition to several striking people, the white SUV, believed to be a Honda CR-V, struck the wall of the restaurant’s patio and caused minor damage.

Witnesses say that the driver was doing donuts before they drove into the crowd.

“We were hanging out in that area when a driver decided to do some donuts,” said one witness, only identified as Eric. “She did one turnaround where it pretty much just wasn’t too successful, and I guess she did another one and that one made impact.”

A total of six people suffered minor injuries, authorities said, and firefighters were seen treating some of the victims at the scene. It is not known if anyone was hospitalized.

Officials confirmed to KTLA 5’s Erin Myers that the suspect drove away from the scene following the crash.

Two women believed to be involved in the crash were stopped by police on Magic Mountain Parkway near Valencia Boulevard and were seen doing sobriety tests. They were both arrested, police said.

It is unknown what the two women face.