Detroit police take second suspect in custody in Samantha Woll death – US 247 News

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detroit — Police have a new suspect in custody Sunday in the killing of local Jewish leader Samantha Woll, two sources familiar with the investigation told The Detroit News.

The man is not an acquaintance of Woll’s and appears to be a random stranger, the sources said. The suspect is not the same man who was released exactly one month ago after Detroit police held him for 72 hours as part of the Woll investigation.

The development marks an apparent breakthrough in a high-profile homicide case involving a well-known, politically connected religious leader.

The 40-year-old Woll was stabbed to death Oct. 21 inside her home in the Lafayette Park neighborhood on Detroit’s east side, police said. After the attack, Woll stumbled out of her house and collapsed on her front lawn, according to investigators.